Charter of The National Association of Wheeled Bin Washers

All members agree to comply with the guidelines set by the National Association of Wheeled Bin Washers as laid out within this Charter.
1. Members will endeavor to use the minimum quantity of water that they can whilst washing wheelie bins.
2. Members will minimise the amount of degreaser/detergent used and only use bio-degradable products.
3. No waste water will be allowed to pass into any storm drain system.
4. All contaminated materials will be placed into bags and removed from the site for disposal in a legal manner.
5. The washing location will be clean and tidy, and no litter will be left behind.
6. Members will only use a purpose-built/customised washing vehicle.
7. Members will dispose of all contaminated water at a wastewater disposal site to ensure the wastewater discharges into the foul sewer. This site will have a “Legal Consent to Discharge” from the local water authority or as local regulations dictate.
8. Members will store degreasers and detergents safely, prevent spillage and only carry sufficient on their vehicles for one day of work.
9. Members will register with the Environment Agency for a lower-tier waste carriers license.
10. Members will have public liability, employer liability and vehicle insurance.
11. Members will ensure that all their employees are correctly trained, wear the correct PPE and are aware of and comply with the association’s health and safety handbook.

Mission Statement

The National Association of Wheeled Bin Washers provides a legitimate organisation that monitors its members and as such guarantees, a legal and high standard of wheelie bin washing services to the public and businesses that is common to all its members and that is acceptable to local authorities and water companies.